Big Tex Butt

Big Tex’s little butt

Is it just me or does everyone hate angry, wrinkle-faced, probably straight, no-ass, bad-haircut, New Big Tex as much as I do? My heart is still with Flaming Big Tex.

Ugly Big Tex aside, there are lots of new and shiny things at the fair this year, especially at night, and I took pictures of lots of them. The Hall of State is red, white and blue. The Midway is brighter than ever with some new attractions. And in all the exhibit halls, among all the vendors, more people are selling Jesus this year than I’ve ever seen at the fair. Yes, I tried just passing them up, but when they shove fliers in my hand, what could I say other than, “No, thank you, but maybe my husband would be interested.”

What a shame that, with few exceptions, we only use this park three weeks a year. Fair Park is one of the great urban parks in the U.S., with the largest collection of art deco exposition architecture anywhere in the world. Fair Park is easily my favorite place in Dallas.

Oh, and a note to my doctor — I didn’t eat one bit of fried crap at the fair. But there are plenty of heart attack foods available. Fried Oreos seem to be this year’s crap food specialty.

If you go to the State Fair for closing weekend, parking is as bad as ever. Take DART. Park free at the Market Center Station lot on Harry Hines — it’s always empty — and take the Green Line. Or park at any other station on any DART line and transfer at Pearl Street Station to the Green Line (headed toward Buckner Station). On Thursday night, the trains were full in both directions, but DART is handling the crowds well.

Oh, and if you’ve never taken the train before, here’s a helpful hint. Don’t stand on the DART tracks watching the train approach. You won’t get on the train first that way and it seems to upset DART police.

The State Fair of Texas closes Oct. 18.