The following post was written by Josh Cooley, an HRC Volunteer Fellow for the Repeal of DADT in Fremont, NH:

Greetings from Andover, NH! I spent Sunday afternoon in the sun gathering support for the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Our state is essential in this fight, and we’re working to make sure Senator Judd Gregg knows that the time to repeal DADT is now.

The day was great, the festivities were down-home old-town style, and everyone was smiling and having a great time. Volunteers Anthony, Epiphany, Josh, and Shaun (from left to right in the picture) all had great responses from individuals who signed the petition. “Oh, of course I’ll sign,” said one woman signing the petition to Senator Gregg. Many folks weren’t familiar with DADT, but once we explained it, they not only signed, but rallied their friends and family to do the same. Even though she wasn’t a New Hampshire resident, we had the pleasure of meeting a very well-spoken woman from Massachusetts, who gave us a piece of advice that will last me for as long as I do work for HRC:

“No matter what they say to you, you are doing a wonderful thing. Keep your head up and all will be accomplished as you need it to be.”

Personally, I feel accomplished, but there’s still so much to do. I know I can speak for my team when we say thank you to the community of Andover, NH for your hospitality. Now it’s off to the next fair and other gatherings to get this law repealed, so our proud soldiers can serve openly and honestly.

Our next meeting will be this Thursday, August 5th for a phonebank in Concord, New Hampshire! Can you lend a hand and make some calls?

Meet: 5:45 pm -8:00 pm

Date: Thursday, Aug. 5th, 2010

Location: 207 North Main St, Concord, NH

Contact: Christine Sloane at

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