Apparently local Republicans aren’t too fired up about the already-decided race between John McCain and Mike Huckabee for the party’s presidential nomination.

Democrats outvoted Republicans by a margin of 8,592 to 2,412 on Tuesday, Feb. 19, the first day of early voting in Dallas County, according to Democratic Party Chairwoman Darlene Ewing.

“This is huge and it’s only going to build,” Ewing told Stonewall Democrats of Dallas during the group’s regular monthly meeting at Ojeda’s Restaurant in Oak Lawn on Tuesday night. “Go vote now because you do not want to stand in line on election day.”

By the way, speaking of Huckabee, did anyone notice that The Dallas Morning News on Tuesday reaffirmed its earlier endorsement of the former Arkansas governor. Not only that, but the newspaper went so far as to call Huckabee “progressive.”


—John Wright

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