By Wire Reports

The Human Rights Watch has demanded in a letter to the Guatemalan President Oscar Berger that the government take quick steps to stop deadly attacks on GLBT people.

The group said a transgender woman was murdered and another critically injured when they were gunned down on a street in Guatemala City on Dec. 17.

Eyewitnesses reported that four men on motorcycles wearing police uniforms fired the shots. The men reportedly identified themselves as members of the national police.

“The cold-blooded shootings are just the latest tragedy in Guatemala’s pattern of deadly violence based on sexual orientation or gender identity,” said Jessica Stern, a researcher in the GLBT program at Human Rights Watch. “The police have not done enough to protect lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, and now there is concern that they may be responsible for someone’s murder.”

In 2005 13 transgender and gay men were murdered in Guatemala. In one month last fall three gay men were murdered in Guatemala City.

The group said there have been no prosecutions of the three murders.

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