Tonight and tomorrow, author Wade Rouse comes to (way) North Texas to help budding writers with their craft. This is a guy who knocked out two books in 2011:  It’s All Relative: A Memoir of Two Families, Three Dogs, 34 Holidays and 50 Boxes of Wine and as creator and editor of the dog anthology, I’m Not the Biggest Bitch in This Relationship: Hilarious, Heartwarming Tales about Man’s Best Friends by America’s Favorite Humorists. So I’d recommend taking good notes with what he has to say. From Rouse’s website.

We are doing it up Texas Style!!! We are coming to Dallas and stopping by to say “Howdy!” A two-day evening workshop is just what we ordered up for you. Let’s see if those writing stars shine big and bright deep in the heart of Texas!! Treat yourself to an intensive literary renewal that will cover everything from how to get your book published, to life-changing writing exercises. It’s sure to be a memorable experience…invite a friend and we’ll see you there! They say everything is bigger in Texas so come on out to the retreat and prove it!!

Rouse’s workshop happens at A Real Bookstore in Fairview, Tex., which is roughly 30 miles north of here. Both sessions will begin at 6 p.m. For more information or to register (you better hurry), click here.