Cindy McCain
Cindy McCain

but I might be willing to vote for his wife Cindy McCain or their daughter Meghan McCain!

Politics Daily reported today that Cindy MCain, wife of the Republican from Arizona who lost the 2008 presidential race to Barack Obama, has joined the list of celebrities (and average folks) who have posed for Adam Bouska’s NoH8 photo collection (you know the ones, where the subjects have their mouths covered in silver duct tape and NOH8 painted on their cheek in red and black).

The “tattoo” is, of course, a reference to California’s Proposition 8, that ballot initiative passed by voters in November ’08 that repealed marriage equality for same-sex couples there, and participating in the ever-growing project is a sign of support for marriage equality. So, apparently Mrs. McCain disagrees with her husband on at least this one issue, and good for her!

Sen. McCain’s office has released a statement saying that he respects differences of opinion among his family members, but that he still “believes the sanctity of marriage is still defined as between one man and one woman.”

Well, there’s obviously a lot of differences of opinions in the family, because daughter Meghan McCain has been talking since the first of 2009 about the need for the Republican Party to move away from divisive social issues — like gay marriage and gay rights in general — and away from hateful extremists like Ann Coulter. Meghan, in fact, has been quite vocal about her own support for gay marriage (and gay rights in general), and posed for her own NOH8 portrait some time ago (see below).

Perhaps the McCain women will be able to have some influence on the senator and get him to change his stance on the issue. Hey, it happened in the Cheney family: Former Vice President Dick Cheney — who has a lesbian daughter, Mary, who has had a child with her lesbian partner — came out in support of gay marriage last summer. Hmmm, maybe if Meghan came out as a lesbian, John would change his mind?

Meghan McCainMeghan McCain

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