Bravo sent me an advance copy of the Isaac Mizrahi- and Kelly Rowland-hosted “The Fashion Show,” which premieres May 7. And who is one of the contestants? Andrew Christian, whom I interviewed last summer when he did four fashion shows in Dallas.

I headlined the article THE PANTY CHRIST — inspired after Dead Kennedys singer Jello Biafra delivered a lecture at The Granada Theater where he talked about the Kennedys’ 1985 “Frankenchrist” album. And I thought, “Hey, I bet that’s where Marilyn Manson got the idea for his song ‘AntiChrist Superstar.'” And while I was working with headlines for my story on Andrew — like “Sister Christian” — I thought of, ta-dah, “Panty Christ.”

Well, on the first episode —  when Andrew meets the other contestants — he says, “I’m an underwear designer. A lot of people know me as The Panty Christ.” Which was met with much laughter.

And y’all thought I was so crass because I asked Andrew how he removes skid marks from his fancy $30 underoos.

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