Meeting with ICE officials on Feb. 27

An ICE representative reached out to Rainbow LULAC President Juan Contreras to organize a roundtable to discuss the current state of affairs in the LGBT and Latino/a communities. Among those attending were Nell Gaither of Trans Pride Initiative and representatives from Cathedral of Hope and the ACLU.

The meeting took place on Sunday. They reviewed ICE’s current LGBT memorandums and their plan to assemble a Transgender Classification and Care Committee (TCCC) at the new detention center in Alvarado. ICE asked Rainbow LULAC to find organizers to help with community programming at this center.

“We thought this was too much of an ask from volunteers and suggested that they create a contractor position,” Contraras wrote to Dallas Voice.

The group told the ICE representatives that although they would work with them to get to see members of our communities at this center, that doesn’t negate the fact that LGBT Latino/a community organizers will keep organizing to fight systemic oppression in those communities.