Scott Withers, Jack Jett and David Taffet
Congressional candidate Scott Withers, from left, with co-hosts Jack Jett and David Taffet (TXT Newsmagazine/Arnold Wayne Jones)

I received a note from Jack Jett today about the congressional candidacy of our former co-worker, Scott Withers. Jack and I co-hosted a show on Tarrant County-based Q Television Network in 2005 with Withers, who’s now running for the U.S. House in Michigan.  The above picture was from a cover of TXT Newsmagazine.

“In addition to being President of QTN, Scott was also the executive producer of ‘The QueerEdge with Jack E. Jett and Sandra Bernhard,’” Jett said.  “If he can handle the two of us, then I assume Congress would be a breeze.”

And as someone who also worked with Jack, I can think of no better preparation for the job.

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