Today Patti Fink appears on the front page of our print edition, and her longtime partner Erin Moore appears on Page 3. Also, on the Viewpoints page, we have some letters responding to criticism of Stonewall Democrats’ actions during last year’s presidential race. In cleaning off my computer’s desktop a few minutes ago, I came across this photograph, and given that I forgot to put it up on Instant Tea a few weeks ago, I figured now  was as good a time as any.

I did a feature story during the primary about Fink and Moore, because they were one of the few high-profile couples in the LGBT community who were split between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Moore, who’s now president of Stonewall, supported Obama, while Fink, who’s president of the Dallas Gay and Lesbian Alliance, supported Clinton.

And while I can’t vouch for all local LGBT Democrats, I offer this photo as evidence that Fink is now 100 percent behind President Obama. You see, Fink wasn’t able to join Moore at an Inauguration watch party at the Resource Center of Dallas on Jan. 20. But apparently she felt so bad about it that she stayed up all night decorating these cookies for the watch party with Obama’s campaign logo.

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