Texas isn’t the only state where the Republican Party’s platform calls for making homosexuality illegal. The Associated Press reported this weekend that in Montana — where Tea Party leaders like to joke about Matthew Shepard’s murder — the state GOP has a plank in its platform that calls for imprisoning the gays. The only difference is, in Montana at least one Republican elected official, State Sen. John Brueggeman, is willing to speak out against the platform. When GOP politicians in Texas are asked about anti-gay language in their party’s platform, they typically respond by saying things like they haven’t read the platform in its entirety, they don’t agree with everything in it, and it isn’t really that important anyway. In other words, they may not personally support locking up queers, but they’re too afraid that if they speak out against the platform, it will alienate their right-wing base.

Anyhow, it sure is nice to be thought of in the same light as Montana, which according to New West Blog’s Bob Wire is known to rest of the country as “just a grizzly-infested outpost that contains nothing but paranoid psychopathic hillbillies.” Incidentally Wire’s headline, which I’ve copied above, says “Illegal to be gay? What is this, Texas?” So I guess that tells us what the Lone Star State has become known for.