Illinois state Rep. Nick Sauer

Not sure if this is a closeted gay thing? A thing straight men do? Or what? But here goes anyway.

An Illinois state representative who’s a member of the House Sexual Discrimination and Harassment Task Force has admitted he created a fake Instagram account with a former girlfriend’s nude photos. He used the account to “catfish” other men into conversation. The men he was talking to thought they were talking to a woman.

Rep. Nick Sauer, 35, who campaigned on term limits, will resign from office before finishing his first term.

Sauer’s ex filed a complaint after she discovered the fake Instagram account and turned it over to authorities. Instgram turned the account off.

The woman said she met Sauer on Tinder in 2016 and they communicated online until she moved to Illinois in 2017. They broke up in March 2018 after she found out he was dating other women, according to Politico.

He admitted to her what he was doing.

“He came to my house & confessed to catfishing men with my photos for two years to at least eight men,” Politico quotes her as saying.

According to the suburban Chicago Daily Herald, Sauer ran unopposed in 2016, but he has a Democratic and independent opponent this year. He’s the Republican candidate in November, but his website and Facebook campaign page are both down as of this writing.

— David Taffet