Yesterday I called Mick Rossley, vice president of the Crosland Group, the deveoloper of ilume, to get an update on the Cedar Springs Road mixed-use project.

Crossley told me that roughly 40 percent of the building is now open, and that more than 70 of the 300 residential units have already been leased. Of those, about 35 are occupied.

“Technically everything facing Cedar Springs is occupiable,” Rossley said. “We’ve got people living in the property right now.”

Rossley said he expects the “amenity space” to be complete within the next few weeks, including the lobby and onsite leasing center, a great room, a champagne room and a fitness area. He added that he expects the 23,000 feet of ground floor retail to begin opening in October.

“Half of it we’ve signed leases on, and the other half we’ve identified our retailers and we’re in the process of finalizing our leases,” Rossley said. “We feel fortunate to have a great roster. It’s a who’s-who tenant list, and I think it speaks volumes about the street we’re on.”

Rossley declined to identify specific retailers, but he previously has said they will include the frozen yogurt chain Red Mango, an upscale supper club called Dish, a convenience store/deli and a dry cleaner’s. Rossley said he expects the remaining residential portions of the building to be complete by the end of the year.

“We were originally targeted for Januray 2010, but I think we’ll beat that,” he said.

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