Remember back in the fall when John McCain assured America that he knew about Sarah Palin’s pregnant unwed daughter BEFORE he selected her as his running-mate? And then how Bristol and her sexy skating beau Levi Johnston announced that they “planned to wed” in early 2009?

Well, I — and many more people I am sure — made a prediction: They would NEVER get married if McCain didn’t win. That’s why the wedding wouldn’t be till well after the election — to give the teens an “out” should the campaign fail. After all, it was never REALLY about making the baby legitimate, it was about appeasing the religious right who espouse (what a word!) family values while never actually believing in them. (Let’s see: McCain: divorced; Gingrinch: divorced; Reagan: divorced. Obama and Clinton: married to the same woman for eternity!) 

Now comes word that Bristol and Levi have called it quits. Those who are surprised probably think Bernie Madoff is being railroaded and continue to set out milk and cookies on Dec. 24.продвижение сайта по россиипродвижение сайтов харькове