Remember Iris Harrell and Ann Benson (pictured above)? Me neither, but if you’d been a lesbian in North Texas in the early 1980s, you might. Harrell and Benson, who met at a coffee house in Fort Worth in 1979 and lived in Dallas for the next seven years, have now been together for three decades. They currently live in California and plan to get married on Sept. 7. You can read all about Harrell and Benson here, but in case you’re just wondering why they left:

“When we were in Dallas, on Saturday night when we would go out [to] restaurants, people would drop their forks and stop talking when we walked in … they knew that two dykes had arrived,” Iris says. “And that gets old. That really gets old. To get looked at like you’re from Mars.”

“It makes you feel kind of unsafe, too,” Ann says.

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