If results take a while to add up and you want to still be inspired about your ballots, passionate partisan Michael Moore recently issued two election works.

“Slacker Uprising” ($9.95, Brave New) is a DVD documentary about Moore’s 62-city tour of the swing states during the 2004 election. At most stops on the “Slacker Uprising” tour, exponentially larger crowds turned for Moore’s appearances than at John Kerry’s campaign stops.

At a stop in Philadelphia, queer rocker Michael Stipe, pictured, spoke about being an army brat whose dad — a Vietnam vet — gave his son a Veterans for Kerry-Edwards button to wear.

Moore recently announced that you can also download the documentary for free [click here].

Moore also released “Michael Moore’s Election Guide 2008” (Grand Central Publishing and Hachette Audio) where he dissects how Republicans inspired voters by outlawing gay marriage. Here’s Moore’s argument for gay marriage.
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