Gov. Mike Pence

One of Indiana’s largest companies said it would reduce its investment int he state after Indiana Gov. Mike Pence signed an LGBT discrimination bill into law today (Thursday, March 26).

“We are forced to dramatically reduce our investment in IN based on our employee’s & customer’s outrage over the Religious Freedom Bill,” Salesforce Marketing Cloud division CEO Scott McCorkle tweeted.

Salesforce is a $4 billion software company based in Indiana. McCorkle also tweeted that the company was canceling any programs that required customers or employees to travel to the state and said all expansion plans in the state are canceled.

Other companies and organization are discussing moving their convention business including the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). That denomination’s 6,000-member General Assembly is scheduled to meet in Indianapolis in 2017. Midway Hills Christian Church is a member of that denomination.

The new law allows anyone to claim religious exemption from providing service to gays and lesbians.