My wife and I moved to a new home earlier this year, and it wasn’t until it was almost too late that I remembered I needed to change my address on my voter registration.

I live in Fort Worth, and luckily for me, on the last weekend of voter registration I ran into a group from Stonewall Democrats of Tarrant County who were out registering voters. So I filled out a form with my new address.

Then today, I went online to the Texas Secretary of State’s Web site to get some information on a story. While I was there, I saw a link under “Points of Interest” that would take me to a page to let me make sure I was registered and find out what my polling place is. Since I have not received my new voter registration card, I decided to check it out.

So I filled in my name and date of birth, and bam. There is was: verification that yes, I am registered at my new address, and what my precinct number is.

I figure I probably am not the only person in this or a similar situation, so I decided I would put up this post here on Instant Tea to let other Texas voters know where to go to verify their registration and get other vital information on voter registration.

This is an historic election. Everyone should exercise their right – and fulfill their responsibility – to vote. So check out the Secretary of State Web site for yourself. You might learn something new.

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