By Daniel A. Kusner Life+Style Editor

Gay reality star, designer Daniel Vosovic unveils ‘hotel line’ at NYLO, Plano’s hotspot for travelers

It’s been said that Frank Lloyd Wright was incredibly talented both as a designer and a cruel social manipulator. For the dwellers of The Robie House, his most famous Prairie Style Home, Wright not only made all the furniture for the home, he also made gowns for Mrs. Robie. Clothes that go well with overhanging eaves, low-pitched roofs and clerestory windows? Poor, poor, Mrs. Robie.

Daniel Vosovic

Well, gay designer Daniel Vosovic is doing the same thing. However, his fashion sense is hardly cruel, and he could kick Frank Lloyd Wright’s ass on any fashion runway.

At 26 years old, Vosovic is already a hotshot designer. In season two of "Project Runway," his clean, modern lines got him a finalist spot (Houston-based Chloe Dao won that season).

One of Vosovic’s high-profile gigs since "Project Runway" will be unveiled Thursday in Plano. Vosovic has designed the kicky wardrobe for the employees of NYLO, the new four-story "loft hotel" on Preston Road. NYLO is trying to strike a balance between hipster design and affordability.

But Vosovic’s NYLO job doesn’t stop in Plano. While the North Texas location is NYLO’s first hotel, the plan is to open 50 to 75 more locations within the next three years, Vosovic says. That means the designer had to really flex his creative muscles.

"This was more of a mass-market, broader-reaching project than working on Fashion Week collection or selling in stores," Vosovic says from his New York workspace earlier this week.

Women’s Jumper

HOTEL HIP: Menswear suit for NYLO employees

Not only did Vosovic create enough men’s and women’s pieces that can work in frigid temps of Rhode Island, he also produced mix-and-match ensembles for North Texas’ blistering humidity. And his black-white-grey-brown palette was inspired by NYLO’s architecture.

"Each NYLO has a commons area called The Loft, where they use polished cement, exposed brick and lightwood," Vosovic explains. "I wanted to design outfits especially for the girls where if it’s a nighttime setting, its more sexy and fun. They can wear the dresses without feeling like it’s a uniform, but it also had to be daytime appropriate."

If guests dig the employee threads, Vosovic’s creations which will include handbags and luggage will also be on sale in the NYLO boutique.

At Thursday’s runway show, Vosovic will show head-to-toe NYLO uniforms. And he’ll show additional creations that are incorporated with other street-wear designs to show how they can mixed with other wardrobes.

Vosovic’s fashion show at NYLO, 8201 Preston Road. March 6 at 8 p.m. Invitation only.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition February 29, 2008.сайтсайт визитка цена