Heather Mae

Folk singer-songwriter Heather Mae released a new album in June called “I Am Enough,” a collection of five songs produced by Mark Williams of Sucker Punch Recording Co.

According to her website, HeatherMae.net, “The title track to her new album, ‘I Am Enough’ is an ode to body positivity and breaking away from self-imposed affliction to fit into what society defines as beautiful. “I see this record as a platform for change. Pop music with a mission.” says Heather, I am inspired by artists who are able to combine both.” ‘Wanderer’ and ‘No Poor Soul’ are reflections of Mae’s own experience of publicly coming out and the relief associated with finding love that accepts you just as you are — externally and internally. ‘Stand Up’ wraps up the entire record with its challenge to listeners to fight against intolerances that so many of us face, such as racism, sexism and other prejudices. Mae also includes references to the Black Lives Matter movement and the June [2015] SCOTUS ruling on gay marriage which destroyed DOMA.”

Here’s the video for “Stand Up.” It’s a good way to start your week. (And thanks to my friend Liz Reddick for sharing the vide on Facebook, where I saw it.)