Dallas police were at Cathedral of Hope this morning (Thursday, Jan. 5) investigating graffiti painted onto the church’s Interfaith Peace Chapel. The building was vandalized at about 11 p.m. on Wednesday night, according to the Rev. Neil Cazares-Thomas, CoH’s lead pastor.

Thomas said that he appeared on a talk show on KHVN, a gospel station, yesterday, but he doesn’t think the graffiti was done by any of the callers, in particular. But it may have been someone who listened to the show that vandalized the chapel.

The spray-painted message included a Louisiana phone number and referred to a car as a “Brown Chivy Suburbin.” The name “Johntion Kimbrou” — possibly “Kimbrow” — was also painted on the church, along with a reference to “kitty porn.”

Cazares-Thomas said he is concerned about removing the paint from the porous surface and hopes to have the building clean by this weekend when a wedding is scheduled to be performed in the building.

Channel 33 interview with Neil Cazares-Thomas: