I just got an e-mail with the subject line: “Be  Thankful for the Drag Queens.” The subtitle was “The House of LeMay’s Top 10 List of Things to Be Thankful for on Thanksgiving.”

I had never heard of the House of LeMay, but after reading the entertaining list, I decided to visit their Web site. I especially enjoyed the home page graphic with the sign for The Hot Damn Trailer Park and the photo of cousin Lucy Belle LeMay wearing her “Miss Beaver Pond” banner. And I really want a get a copy of their documentary, “Slingbacks and Syrup,” about how this family of “girls” have impacted the life of one newcomer to Beaver Pond, Vermont.

Read their list of things to be thankful for below, then go here to check out their Web site and read about their story.

Top 10 List of Things to be Thankful For for 2008!
10.  The “Ladies” of “The View” – We either look better than them or can beat the sh*t out of them – either way, we’re thankful.
9. Twinkies – Both the Hostess and the youthful types.
8. Vodka – enough said.
7. Payless Shoe Stores – Even when it’s not BOGO (buy one, get one) Week, you can usually find an economical size 11½ in a comfy heel for that long parade or night of standing on the street corner.
6. Lane Bryant – Because Ann Taylor’s a skinny little bitch.
5. Press-On Nails – Whether you’re a chronic biter you just can’t grow a nail to save your soul, with Press On Nails you can always scratch someone’s eyes out and then throw away the evidence.
4. Control-Top Panty Hose – enough said.
3. Vodka – worth saying again.
2. MyFaceSpaceBook – Saves time and energy from going around posting flyers that no one will read on bulletin boards that no will look at. Saves on the environment, too! Be a Green Queen!
1. Cher – enough said.создание сайтов поддержка продвижениераскрутка в яндексе