The U-Hauls have pulled into town and the new WNBA franchise, the Dallas Wings, have arrived. We know that from other news outlets. Dallas Voice wasn’t invited to the team’s inaugural press conference announcing its new name. Why would they invite us? No lesbians on the team. No lesbian WNBA fans. Gay people don’t like sports, right?

Apparently, the team will continue the internalized homophobia that has run rampant in the WNBA since its inception.

Ever watch a WNBA broadcast? They’ll show every male spouse in the stands and make sure you know it. Why? Wouldn’t want anyone to think any of their players is a big ol’ homo, would you? They never show Britney Griner’s girlfriend.

Dallas WingsThe team will play at College Park Center on the UT Arlington campus, a school with great nondiscrimination protection.

So welcome to our newest sports team and just a little warning: We know your previous stop on the way to Dallas was Tulsa. The LGBT community here isn’t quite as quiet as they are there.

You might have been following the HERO thing that happened earlier this week. We’re not Houston. Both Dallas and Fort Worth have LGBT protections and Arlington is on its way to quietly making sure all its citizens are protected as well. We simply don’t believe in discrimination here in the DFW area and have had those laws in place for more than a decade.

While Houston rejected HERO by a 30-point margin, Dallas moved its nondiscrimination ordinance to its city charter by a 50-point margin. Without a campaign wasting anyone’s money. Just the way we do things here.

One of our other teams, the Dallas Cowboys — you might have heard of them because they also play in Arlington — hired Michael Sam. The NBA team here has nights that specially welcome the LGBT community and we have a great relationship with their owner. He’s been pretty successful, too. His name’s Mark Cuban. Let me know if you’d like us to introduce you.

So, before we get off on the wrong foot, we’re not going to put up with the usual WNBA homophobic crap that other cities put up with. We’re really a very nice community and will support your team. But understand, we have very big mouths if you don’t want to play nice and at least respect your own players.