The season premiere of American Idol was Tuesday night, and I openly admit I watched it, as I plan to watch the entire season. Idol has always been an odd mix of gay-friendly and gay-insulting. This year, Ellen DeGeneres joins the series as a new permanent judge, and Neil Patrick Harris serves as one of the on-the-road guest judges later this season. Of course Adam Lambert was a finalist last season. And let’s face it: Lots of gay guys watch (and try out).

Part of the fun of the early auditions — some would say the worst part of the show — is watching all the self-deceived tone-deaf neophytes humiliate themselves while believing they are the next Lady Gaga. But it has become increasingly annoying to me how the show seems to concentrate of what appear to be the crazy GAY contestants: Men in tiaras and makeup, those who seems to lift directly out of their loafers.


I love the great panoply of gay culture, from the drag performers to the lipstick lesbians to the bears (love me some bears!) to the flamboyant twinks. Maybe the gay guys are just more emotionally accessible so their performances are more outre and their disappointment more unrestrained. But it has gone from making me laugh to bothering me that it makes me laugh to feeling it’s all just too damn insulting. Maybe if some of the good male singers ALSO seemed to be gay (a la Adam and Clay), it wouldn’t seem like they were JUST making fun of the gays, But it definitely comes off that way.

Whadaya think? Does this bother anyone else as much as it does me?сайткак сделать эксперимент