round-upThe liberal Israeli newspaper HaAretz took a look at politics in Oak Lawn and even posted a video of line dancing at the Round-Up Saloon.

The reporter talked to a number of customers at the Round-Up who voted for Trump because they believe that he’s actually liberal and only spouted his anti-LGBT rhetoric to get elected. HaAretz reports:

Dallas is actually the friendliest city in Republican Texas for LGBT people, but even in the center of the city’s most welcoming quarter many residents feel that danger is lurking just around the corner. Some 30 gay men have been attacked on the streets near the Round-Up over the past year. The locals have a hard time trying to explain this wave of hate crimes.

Also in the story:

One local resident who is worried about the rise in hate crimes in the city is Justin, who was sitting with a group of friends who are planning to move to Florida. He whispers very quietly that he voted for Trump, and jokes that he is generally “in the closet” as to how he voted.
“What, you voted for him too?” asks one of his friends at the same table, and shakes his hand.
Things need to be shaken up, Justin asserts, “and I think Trump will do it. We need someone who is not a politician.”

The rest of the story and Round-Up video is here.