David King asks in the comments to the below post, about The DMN’s Saturday editorial in favor of repealing “don’t ask, don’t tell,” whether anyone remembers the newspaper’s infamous 1977 piece saluting anti-gay bigot Anita Bryant. Well I can’t say I remember it — I was 2 years old at the time — but I did manage to pull it up using the NewsBank archives. And King is right, it was a real doozie. A little background for our younger readers: Anita Bryant was a famous singer who led the 1977 effort to repeal a Dade County (Fla.) ordinance banning discrimination based on sexual orientation. She also traveled to other cities around the country, including Dallas, rallying against gay rights. Here’s The DMN’s editorial from June 1977, a few days after the Dade County gay rights measure was overturned at the ballot box:

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