There’s a particular local nut job who’s so clearly an insane hatemonger that he not only embarrasses himself, but the city of Dallas, the human race and the mental healthcare industry. I won’t validate his insanity by naming him, though I assume he has a Google alert not only for his name but for “local kook” just to make sure he doesn’t miss any of the conspiracies out there to discredit him.

I’ve been getting spewing e-mails of ignorance from him for years, but they dropped off some months ago (I assume he had gone on his medication). Well, they started up again last week as this maroon sent out a missive accusing the Dallas Voice, the DMN and more for spreading “disease and death” … by which he means, anyone who doesn’t want to segregate gays into concentration camps promotes AIDS. (I am not exaggerating what this idiot believes; one line in his e-mail: “There certainly is a Nazi aspect of the gay Lifestyle.”)  I ignore him, mostly.

Then I got another e-mail from him today. It’s brief. But the bigotry ripe within the words is very telling. It reads in its entirety: “As a major advocate of the Gay community, is it good for a gay HIV infected person to work in restaurants?”

Note: He doesn’t ask is it good for ANY HIV-infected person, only a gay one … as if gay and HIV+ are synonymous. And “work in restaurants” is stupidly vague. Even if HIV were communicable by non-intimate contact (it isn’t, and his ignorance shows why he’s completely unqualified to comment on these issues in the first place), just working in a restaurant doesn’t equate to handling food; why should busboys and dishwashers be out of jobs?

And finally, he ask the least relevant of questions: Is it “good.”Well, what is good? I think it’s good that anyone, whatever their HIV status, should be allowed to earn a living; that people shouldn’t be discriminated against for no reason other than their sexual orientation.

I think it’s not good that this guy has my e-mail address.vzlom-paroljaраскрутка сайта в блогах