Screen shot 2013-10-01 at 2.24.18 PMOK, we’ve all seen commercials with skaterbois and hippies and too-cool-for-school characters seeming a bit on the high side. But as I was watching TV last night, I saw what I think may be the first ad directed specifically to the stoner market.

Here’s the set up: The fast-food chain Jack in the Box has a new late-night meal deal called the “Munchie menu.” Now, we all know “the munchies” is a condition caused by cannabis use. Of course, you don’t have to be high to get the munchies, but it’s out there.

Now, the weird Jack character is typically portrayed by a life-sized actor in a ping-pong-ball head. In this commercial (and others) he’s more like a puppet. Suggestive of a hallucination?

The clincher is the (actually kinda cute) actor in this segment: His vacant eyes, his pointless smile, his slow, befuddled banter. (It might as well be James Franco.) And the dialogue with puppet Jack sounds like it was written for Harold and Kumar.

So I ask you: Can there be any doubt this campaign — this entire product line! — is targeted tokers? Watch it after the jump.