Dallas Rational Radio jock and Instant Tea’s star commenter Jack E. Jett has had a dramatic week. In a recent Planet Out NYC travel guide, his old co-hostess Sandra Bernhard just name-checked him in a list of entertainers she worships — Jett’s name was placed between Paul Mooney’s and Lily Tomlin’s.

But he was also feeling some chest pain. And it looks like his ticker is in need of a major overhaul.

On Monday, he’s scheduled to have bypass surgery. Understandably, he’s a little worried. But Jett knows that humor is the best medicine. And the more offensive, the better (but be a little gentle, please — we don’t want him laughing too hard).

Post what you’d like in the comments section below. I hear Jack has computer access, so he’s probably scouring the blogoshere 24/7.

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