Jack Evans and George Harris were the first couple to receive a marriage license in Dallas County on Friday, June 26, the day that marriage equality became the law of the land in the U.S., and the first same-sex couple legally wed in Dallas County. They were not, of course, the only same-sex couple legally married yesterday in Dallas County. Nor in North Texas. Nor in Texas overall. And certainly not the only ones in the U.S.

But Jack and George are special. We in the LGBT community have known that for years. But news coverage yesterday and today proved that the mainstreamers know it, too.

Above, see the today’s cover of The New York Times. Yep, that’s Jack and George, sharing their first kiss as a married couple, in the upper right hand cover. There’s a close up below.

Also below, The front page of Dallas Morning News, also featuring Jack and George and here is a link to WFAA’s coverage, which includes lots of Jack and George. Here is Fox 4’s coverage.

(This is a link to WFAA’s coverage of the Decision Day party at Celebration Community Church in Fort Worth, featuring another DFW national treasure, the Rev. Carol West, performing a wedding ceremony for a Tarrant County couple. And by the way, congrats to Carol and her partner, Angela, who were officially engaged last night.)

There is so much more. Everywhere you look. Despite the haters, the world celebrates with us this weekend.