sheridanRich Sheridan formally pleaded no contest to charges he spray painted the Legacy of Love monument with “666” and painted graffiti at Cathedral of Hope.
Because of his targets — a public monument and a church — the charges carry a penalty for two to 10 years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine.

Under the plea agreement, Sheridan will spend no time in jail and won’t pay a fine. Instead, he received deferred community supervision for two years in each of the two cases, served simultaneously. If he violates terms of his probation, he’ll have to pay $2,000 in fines.

“If Rich Sheridan violates the terms of his community supervision he can also be sentenced to confinement,” Assistant District Attorney Craig NeNeil said.

Oak Lawn Committee, which maintains the monument and the triangle where it sits at the corner of Oak Lawn Avenue and Cedar Springs Road spent several thousand dollars cleaning and restoring it.

The Rev. Neil Cazares-Thomas of Cathedral of Hope said damage to church property wasn’t expensive to clean.

“We believe in second chances,” Cazares-Thomas said. “If he breaks that second chance, he will have to pay recompense.”

He said for a crime like this, community service would be an appropriate punishment.

In addition to the two charges filed, Sheridan tagged property in front of the Dallas Morning News, D Magazine and Dallas Observer offices. He also painted over Dallas Voice distribution boxes and marked graffiti in the Dallas City Hall underground parking lot. Charges were not filed in those cases.

The district attorney’s office couldn’t comment on the case until formal sentencing on April 15.

Updated with information from Asst. D.A. Craig McNeil on Feb. 29.