James Nowlin

The other day we reported that openly gay candidate James Nowlin had failed to congratulate Angela Hunt after she defeated him in the District 14 Dallas City Council race. In response to our post, commenters on Facebook suggested that Nowlin did congratulate Hunt — during a concession speech at his election night watch party. So today we contacted Nowlin — who hadn’t returned our phone calls from Saturday night — seeking clarification.

Nowlin explained that he did “wish [Hunt] the best” during his speech at the watch party. However, he said he doesn’t plan to contact her directly or congratulate her.

“I will not be congratulating somebody who does not want the job,” Nowlin said. “I will not be reaching out to her directly because I don’t believe that that’s where her heart is. Her heart is in being mayor, not being councilwoman for the 14th district. And I don’t believe in congratulating somebody who does not want the job.”