Jenna skyy

Jenna Skyy (Photo courtesy of Musico Roots)

Joe Hoselton, known on stage as Jenna Skyy, announced at GayBingo that Saturday’s show was her last. Skyy has hosted GayBingo for more than seven years.

Johnny Humphrey, event manager at Resource Center Dallas, said he knew Skyy planned to take some time off, but didn’t know ahead of time it would be her last show.

“She will be missed,” Humphrey said. “We’re proud of the productions she’s done.”

Hoselton called the change good for everyone. He said he spoke to the GayBingo performance group, Something Fabulous, ahead of time.

He said he’ll miss doing the show but made the decision because of the time commitment.

“I discovered Jenna through that show,” he said.

Hoselton said the schedule to produce the monthly show at GayBingo included weekly Sunday rehearsals in addition to prop building days and costume sewing nights.

Cost was another factor. He spent almost $500 on the two costumes made specifically for that month’s theme.

He called GayBingo a “great opportunity” and said he hopes other entertainers will take advantage of it.

“It’s a way to contribute something through your art,” he said.

Hoselton said Jenna won’t be retiring. She’ll continue entertaining at the Rose Room.

“And I’m going to throw my hat back into the competition circuit,” he said.

Jenna was Miss Gay Texas 2011 and second alternate Miss Gay America 2012.

For next month’s GayBingo, Humphrey said he’s working with several groups to put on a good production and is not necessarily looking for Skyy’s permanent replacement to begin in June.