First of all, I’ve always said I think Jennifer Hudson is sweet and talented. She was recently interviewed on Towleroad TV about the Dallas Voice interview I conducted with her in 2006. And now she’s trying to backtrack on us about her Southern Baptist beliefs concerning sin and homosexuality.

Jennifer Hudson ALWAYS talks about her faith — even during her Oscar acceptance speech. And she’s a literalist — except for when it comes to her OWN quotations.

Listen how she doesn’t “FEEL that way at all” when the diva explains her dilemma.

I love that Hudson says the “Gay is a sin” headline broke her heart. It shows compassion —  for all the pain gays experience because of fundamentalism.

But Jennifer, since you are so concerned with being falsely represented, please break it down for us: AS A DEVOUT BAPTIST, DO YOU STILL BELIEVE IT’S A SIN TO BE GAY?klasnobot.comseo региональное