Jenny Block will be on the chopping block tonight in Grapevine and she needs your help. Well, not the chopping block exactly — TV. Nightline, to be precise.

The ABC News program is recording the first segment in its new series about The 10 Commandments, and it starts with “Thou shalt not commit adultery.”

In steps Jenny.

Jenny is author of the award-winning book Open, about her open marriage to a man (and her relationship with her girlfriend), and she’ll be on the — umm, “pro”? — side of the argument. The event is being held at the Fellowship Church there (real balanced venue, don’t you think?), but ABC wants diversity out there.

If you can, head for the church and be there by 6:30 tonight to offer your comments. The address is 2450 N. Highway 121.купить готовые статьи для сайтавебмастер сео смо