IMG_0132Jerry and Damien were just one of 170 couples that got married in Dallas on Decision Day, Friday, June 26.

Here’s how their day went. They stood on line on the second floor of the Dallas County Records Building. Once they had their marriage license they headed over to the George Allen Courts Building. (The two buildings are a block apart, separated only by Old Red).

Before leaving the Records building, representatives from New York Life handed them flowers for their ceremony and the ACLU had them pose in their picture frame.

Downstairs in the George Allen Building, after passing through security (and both were all wired up because WFAA was following them as well for a video story), someone directed Jerry and Damien to a court on the 4th floor. When we got up there, that judge wasn’t in her courtroom, but next door, Judge Dennise Garcia, whose day began by marrying Jack and George, welcomed them.

Garcia asked how long the couple had been together. Three years, they told her. She stamped the certificate to waive the waiting period and begin the wedding. The ceremony was sweet and emotional as she told them, “by the power vested in me by the state of Texas AND the U.S. Constitution, I now pronounce you …”

After pictures following the ceremony, the couple returned to the Records building to file their marriage as legal in the state of Texas.