Shock jock hosts a monthly no-holds-barred salon for those with something to get off their chests

Radio host and all-around gadfly Jack E. Jett will host a his version of Speakers Corner every month at Buzzbrews.

Everyone already knows that Jack E. Jett is mad as a hatter; but he’s also mad as hell, and he’s not gonna take it anymore.

"Everyday I see chattering heads on TV babbling about an issue, and it is easy to spot when they are toeing some party line," Jett says. He decided it was the people’s turn to express their opinions, frustrations, feelings — whatever strikes them. Tuesday he’ll inaugurate Freedom of Speech Night at Buzzbrews Kitchen.

Every month, Jett will host and judge a contest, where everyday folks can spout off, uncensored, for three minutes on any topic that strikes them.

"One of my favorite things about London, other than potent beer and the lack of circumcision, is Speakers Corner in Hyde Park," he says. "Everyone has something stuck in their craw, even though most of us don’t know where our craw is even located. Dallasites have a lot to get off their chests. We are a city of big hair, big complaints and big craws."

The format is complete free-form — any topic or political bent is welcome. It doesn’t even have to be a complaint, Jett says. "If people want to get up and talk about how cool it is to be in love, or they just lost their job or just want to share with us their recent vaginal rejuvenation … it’s all cool."

Jett expects there’s lots of anger and opinion out there just waiting to come out. And he knows just how therapeutic that can be.

"I don’t always even agree with myself, but it always feels awesome to get things off my chest," he says.

Buzzbrews Kitchen, 4334 Lemmon Ave. March 31, 8–9:30 p.m. Free.

— Arnold Wayne Jones

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition March 27, 2009.
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