When Rational Radio lost its AM frequency at the start of the year, Jack E. Jett, who hosted a weekend talk show on the progressive station, decided to work on other projects. He promised one was a pretty big deal … and turns out it is.

Jett has parlayed his radio ilume gig with ilume honcho Luke Crosland into an evening slot on CNN Radio 1190 AM. ilume-A-nation is Jett’s two-hour gabfest, starting at 6 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 25. This is pretty major news, considering Jett’s very-out (and very outre) personality is being given voice on a Clear Channel frequency.

The show was set to debut this past Monday, but Jett delayed the start date a week. No biggie, except I was supposed to be his first co-host, but I will be out of town this Monday… so I get to be his fourth co-host starting next Thursday, Jan. 28. Still pretty cool.имидж компаниипоисковая оптимизация под google