Jim Messina was at a college classroom in Montana today when he announced the future of DADT repeal:

Political science major John Blake asked Messina about the failure to repeal “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,” the military policy that prevents gays from being open about their sexuality while serving in the military. The U.S. Senate voted Tuesday against repealing DADT “for largely partisan reasons,” Messina said, but he’s confident DADT will be struck down.

“We’re going to get that done this year,” he said.

Okay, I’ll play along. I’m viewing this as the first promise of the 2012 campaign from the guy who is going to manage the President’s reelection. Messina said repeal will happen this year.

Now, keep in mind that no one from the White House said anything like this about DADT after we lost in the Senate. We had to wait til Messina got asked about DADT in a college classroom in Missoula. I’d like to know how they intend to do this. Maybe someone in the White House press corps could get some details. And, nice work, GetEQUAL Board Member John Blake, for getting Messina on-the-record when no one else could.

My hunch is that Messina wants to string us along until after the midterms. So, let’s revisit this campaign promise in November and December. And, revisit it again when Messina becomes the campaign manager for Obama’s reelection. He owns it now. And, I hope I’m wrong. Really, I do — and if I am, I’ll gladly say I was wrong. But, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard a promise like this from Team Obama (think State of the Union.)

Oh, also, Messina told the students that he works 41 feet from the Oval Office, “I’ve measured it.”