The list of conservatives surrendering has been noticed by the homosexual activists, as the homosexual blogger notes: “Ted Olson, Margaret Hoover, Meghan McCain, Glenn Beck, Laura Bush, Steve Schmidt, Cindy McCain, Charlie Baker, Elisabeth Hasselbeck … it’s like each day a new high-profile conservative jumps on the marriage equality bandwagon.”

I, for one, don’t plan on giving up. Someone needs to hold the celebrities accountable. Someone needs to offer correction. If we lose the battle over marriage, I’m not sure there’s much left to preserve. Marriage is literally the building block of our civilization. Destroy it and you destroy the foundation.

The enemy knows this.

— From his column, “Conservative surrender on same-sex marriage?”

Don’t you just love being “the enemy”? I’d love it more if we actually had more equality wins under our belt. But I digress…

WorldNetDaily’s Joseph Farah stepped away from his spittle-covered keyboard for a few days, but he’s back at it, continuing to repeat his despair over GOProud’s upcoming Homocon and the conservatives he says are contributing to the “destruction of society’s foundation” for supporting marriage equality.

I really don’t understand what is going on in Farah’s head; how many ways can he write the same tired diatribe — it’s a well-worn recipe:

1. Mention the traitors. Today he lists “Ted Olson, Margaret Hoover, Meghan McCain, Glenn Beck, Laura Bush, Steve Schmidt, Cindy McCain, Charlie Baker, Elisabeth Hasselbeck.” I know he’s getting that massive moustache wet with spit typing those names in.

2. Dump on Ann Coulter. Traitor #1 on his list. She has earned a special place in Farah’s hell for agreeing to headline Homocon; he publicly dumped her as a personal friend and rejected her for his fundie conference. She has to be mentioned in each column and e-blast. On Twitter he wails: “By the way, how come Ann Coulter is getting all the publicity and I’m the publicity whore?” Joe, you’re getting plenty of publicity, it’s just all bad.

3. Mention and trash “homosexual infiltrators” GOProud. Farah has done more to raise the profile of this upstart gay Republican group than any other single source. GOProud’s Chris Barron and Jimmy LaSalvia should write him a check for PR services. Farah’s problem with gay Republicans is that they were much more compliant in the closet. They were always there in the party and about a quarter of LGBTs still vote GOP anyway, so Farah’s just incensed that some have gotten too uppity and kicked open the political closet door.

4. Start the bible beating. Today’s column is pathetic on so many levels. We get hoary servings of Leviticus, Romans and Matthew. Joe is under the impression that many of these vile conservatives are fundies, and are bucking the man upstairs and should shake in fear. Look at this:

There is no middle ground on this issue. Either you believe the Bible or you don’t.

If you don’t, there are consequences. If you do, you are obligated to take a stand for righteousness. Of course, there are worldly consequences for that, too – for some apparently too great to accept.

Followers of Jesus have a choice: They can please God or please men. They can accept God’s laws, which are not burdensome, and obey them, or they can reject them and try to tickle the ears of men. They can offend God or offend men.

This is a huge assumption on Farah’s part. My guess is that most of the traitor conservatives mentioned above are either: 1) unchurched, and thus don’t care; 2) have a faith that is more open than Farah’s; 3) non-believers; and/or 4) simply tired and offended by the political bedroom-peeping proclivities of people like Farah dressed up as moral righteousness.

I’m sure they’ll take your suggestions under advisement, Joe.


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