Evan Marriott today

Maybe you remember the spate of reality TV shows of all stripes that inundated airwaves starting 15 years ago; stalwarts like Survivor, Project Runway and American Idol are still with us, but most (The Weakest Link, Boy Meets Boy, Temptation Island) have long since drifted into cancelation.

One that was a real one-shot idea (even though they did manage a sequel) was Joe Millionaire, where hunky laborer Evan Marriott posed as a rich dude to woo women a la The Bachelor, only to spill the beans at the end that he wasn’t rich.

It was terrible.

Marriott at 28.

But Evan was a sex symbol for a while, and for good reason: He was sexy. Think Ellen’s gardener with dimples.

Well, HuffPo ran a story this weekend where Marriott resurfaced, looking … well … different. And the question is: Hot or not? A friend on Facebook rather triumphantly noted that Marriott, not 40, didn’t age well. I can’t say I agree. Can you grate Parmesan on his abs anymore? Heck no. But for bearish lovers, what’s not to like?

What do you think: Better then … or now?