Conservative lawyer and diplomat John Bolton (he resigned as UN Ambassador under George Bush in 2006) has dropped hints that he might put his hat in the presidential ring in 2012. In an interview with Tucker Carlson's right-leaning Website The Daily Caller, Bolton suggests that he might consider running if only to put a spotlight on national security issues.

AOL News points out that Bolton tends to be a bit trigger-happy in his beliefs about how to deal with other nations:

Bolton opposed this week's renewed Middle East peace talks, warning that failure would hurt Washington's influence in the region. He has assailed the administration's "policy chaos" in Afghanistan. And he has unabashedly called for a military strike on Iran's nuclear facilities while accusing the White House of leaving the U.S. defenseless by canceling missile defenses in Poland and the Czech Republic (the administration later announced a scaled-back defensive shield).

A summary of Bolton form one political strategist:

"John Bolton would provide an interesting voice in a Republican presidential debate," said Democratic strategist Paul Begala in a preview of likely party talking points. "He, of course, wants to invade countries — lots of countries — seeing Afghanistan and Iraq as a warm-up for bombing Iran. And then, who knows? Continue through the alphabet to Iceland and Ireland?"

Bolton has been quite supportive of several gay rights issues, having this to say about DADT: “I don’t think there is any good answer to the question why shouldn’t gays and lesbians who want to serve their country be allowed to do it.”

He's also taken a very progressive approach toward marriage equality confessing that it is "going to happen."

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