County Commissioner John Wiley Price

Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price, 66, goes on trial on Tuesday, Feb. 21. Government prosecutors claim Price took $950,000 in bribes over the past decade.

According to the government, the bribes were in the form of cash, cars and property in exchange for contracts with the county.

Price is charged with 11 counts and faces decades in federal prison. More than 170 witnesses are expected to be called in a the trial that could last four months.

Jury selection is expected to take several days. Because of the publicity surrounding the case since Price’s home and office were raided in 2011, finding jurors who are impartial may be difficult.

U.S. District Judge Barbara Lynn, who presided over the Dallas City Hall corruption trials, will hear the case.

Price has represented Dallas County District 3, which includes Oak Lawn and parts of Oak Cliff since 1985.