By John Wright

Former board member Jaymee Johnson claims he’s paid back the $2,000 he misappropriated from Dallas’ Pegasus Slowpitch Softball Association in December.

Jaymee Johnson

In an e-mail to PSSA Commissioner John Russell on Thursday, March 6, Johnson said he’d sent the league four Western Union money orders totaling $1,850, as well as a check for $150. Johnson attached scans of the money orders to the e-mail, which he also sent to Dallas Voice.

In the e-mail, Johnson also agreed to repay any lost interest or penalties resulting from the misappropriation of funds. And Johnson thanked Russell for being more concerned about his well-being than the money.

"It shows that although you and I have differences we are the same in many ways," Johnson said in the e-mail to Russell. "Your compassion and caring will not be forgotten."

Johnson, former recruiting coordinator for PSSA, also included in the e-mail another letter of apology to league members.

In the letter, Johnson said he had no excuse for taking the money. Johnson previously said he was desperate to get out of Dallas following a breakup with his boyfriend of 21⁄2 years and a recent suicide attempt. He said he used the money to relocate from Dallas to Pennsylvania, where he is now staying with family.

"No amount of apology can compare to the damage that I have done to the organization that I love so much via recent articles in the [Dallas] Voice, e-mails sent out posing as me or my friends, or direct conversations that I have had with some of you," Johnson’s letter states. "I do not live in Dallas anymore, and I hope that this repayment of the funds will begin the process of your healing and that you will all continue on the path to growing this league under the current leadership and that the future of PSSA will be bright."

Russell has said PSSA officials don’t plan to comment on the matter beyond a letter to the editor that was printed in Dallas Voice last week.


This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition March 7, 2008
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