Sen. Don Huffines, R-Dallas.

Sen. Don Huffines, a freshman Dallas Republican, hosts a town hall from 1–2 p.m. tomorrow, Saturday, March 28, at the Town North Family YMCA, 4332 Northaven Road.

However much I like spending a Saturday afternoon with a right-wing Republican who looks like the plastic byproduct of a Catholic priest and a Ken Doll, the event is not open to press. Though I could go simply as a concerned Texas resident, I would probably be tossed out. Plus, I don’t even live in the guy’s district.

So hopefully you’ll go and ask questions instead.

Not sure what to ask about? I’m glad you asked! Here are some examples of what you could mention related to LGBT issues:

1) You could ask about his co-authoring SB 673, the Preservation of Sovereignty and Marriage Act. It’s the Senate companion to Magnolia Republican Rep. Cecil Bell’s HB 1745. Both would strip the responsibility of issuing marriage licenses from counties and onto the state. They were filed in response to the Travis County Clerk’s decision to issue a marriage license last month to a lesbian couple. (As if the title didn’t give the bill’s intent away already.)

2) You could also ask him about SB 343, which would align local ordinances and laws with state laws. So those nondiscrimination ordinances? Bye, Felicia.

Here’s some other fun stuff to talk about:

1) Ask Mr. Free Market himself about his blatant campaign hypocrisy. The Dallas Morning News reported in 2014 how “Texas housing developers like Huffines had won hundreds of millions of dollars in taxing authority from voters and elected officials to whom they provided homes, jobs or other benefits.”

2) Oh Hell, y’all are smart and have 24 hours to dig through the bills he’s authored and co-authored here.

If you want to check out his campaign finance reports, go here. Click the bubble next to By Filer Name. Type Huffines in the Last/Entity Name text box.  Your search will bring up only the senator’s name. Click 00069651 on the far left.

Remember folks, your elected officials may not represent your views, but they still represent you.

Get out there tomorrow and make sure he hears from you.