Over the weekend, a patron of JR.’s Bar & Grill on Cedar Springs Road thought he could leave the bar by climbing over the balcony and jumping to the street. Instead, he landed on his face and bar employees insisted he leave by ambulance.

Caven Enterprises President Gregg Kilhoffer said that the man climbed over the balcony and thought that when he hung from the ledge, dangling as low as possible, he’d just drop to his feet. The second-floor balcony is higher than the man thought.

Kilhoffer, who has been with the company for 27 years, said, “I thought I had seen everything.”

Although the patron thought he was OK after he landed, Kilhoffer said, “we insisted he go by ambulance.”

The man was taken to Parkland Hospital. The only injuries sustained were scrapes to the face.

Kilhoffer said it was early in the evening and the man did not appear to be drunk.

He said he didn’t think additional warnings to customers would be necessary. Signs that read, “Please exit the bar from the first floor” or “Please use the stairs to leave the balcony” or even “Please do not jump off the balcony” would not be posted because most people who come to JR.’s understand how stairs and doors work.