By Staff and Wire Reports

Sen. Larry Craig

A Minnesota judge has rejected a request by Idaho Sen. Larry Craig that Craig be allowed to withdraw his guilty plea to a disorderly conduct charge following his arrest in an airport men’s room in June, according to a report published online Thursday afternoon, Oct. 4, at

Judge Charles Porter said, in his decision, that Craig had entered the guilty plea “accurately, voluntarily and intelligently,” and that it is too late now for him to withdraw the plea.

Craig was arrested by an undercover officer at the Minneapolis Airport in June after, the officer said, Craig had tried to solicit him for sex using a series of hand and foot signals widely known among those who engage in such activities.

Craig pleaded guilty to the charges and paid a fine.

But after news of his arrest and plea were made public in The Roll Call newspaper, Craig, who said he is not gay but has long faced rumors about his sexual orientation, claimed he had entered the plea hurriedly and without legal advice in hopes of avoiding the publicity that would have accompanied a trial.

Craig, a Republi-can, has been urged repeatedly by others in the GOP to resign his seat in the Senate, and had said he would resign from the Senate if he could not get the guilty plea overturned by Sept. 30. But last week, Craig said he wouldn’t resign until “legal determinations” are made.

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