The Arkansas News has just reported that Circuit Judge Chris Piazza today issued a ruling striking down an amendment to the Arkansas Constitution banning adoption or foster parenting by gays and lesbians.

Act 1 was passed by Arkansas voters in 2008, and the ACLU filed a suit challenging the ban shortly thereafter.

Today, Judge Piazza said the ban “infringes upon the fundamental right to privacy guaranteed to all citizens of Arkansas.” His ruling also said Act 1 unconstitutionally burdens non-marital relationships and acts of sexual intimacy between adults by forcing them to choose between becoming a parent and having any meaningful type of intimate relationship outside of marriage.

Act 1 supporters had said the ban should be upheld because children are better off being raised in “traditional family” settings with married parents of opposite genders, and that the ban would protect children from abuse and neglect.siteиндексация сайта в рамблер