Just some items I found this morning, either online or in e-mail:

• The Ali Forney Center, the country’s largest organization dedicated to helping homeless LGBT youth, has received a donation of $300,000 from the estate of the late (great) Bea Arthur. The organization had announced last month, during the Sept. 14 memorial service for the actress, that it planned to purchase a facility large enough to house 12 homeless LGBT youth and name it honor of Bea Arthur.

• Jessee Vasold, a junior at William and Mary College in Virginia, was named the school’s first “gender-queer” homecoming queen during halftime of the William and Mary vs. James Madison football game last weekend. Vasold said that “gender queer” is the term for those who identify with something other than traditional male or female gender roles. Vasold prefers gender-neutral pronouns such as “ze” instead of “he” or “she” and “zir” instead of “him” or “her,” and told reporters, “Normally it really just depends on the day, how I dress. I don’t identify as a woman. It really just depends on the day and the occasion.”

• Liverpool police trainee James Parkes, who is a 22-year-old gay man, remains in “life threatening condition” after being assaulted by a gang of six teenage boys on Sunday evening. Reports say Parkes was in the city’s gay district with friends when the teens attacked. He suffered multiple skull fractures, a fractured cheek bone and a fractured eye socket. The six suspects, ranging in age from 15 to 18, have been arrested on suspicion of assault.

• And then there is this clip from YouTube.

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