K-Y: Not just for straight people anymore

OK, so I have been seeing ads on TV for K-Y Brand‘s “specialty” lubricant gels for a while now. And they have all featured straight couples talking about howthis or that K-Y gel enhances that special moment.

Until now.

K-Y has a new commercial promoting its K-Y Intense, “the first patent-pending arousal gel for her,” and this time the happy couple are lesbians!

According to the press release I got in email, the ad featuring lesbian couple “Alex and Emma” will start airing nationally on Sept. 5, and a digital version should start appearing online about the same time. But you don’t have to wait: K-Y sent me the link to the ad on YouTube, and you can watch it below.

Before you ask, no:I didn’t get a sample of K-Y Intense (although they did offer to mail me one). But if you are looking for a little more information before you go out and buy some, the K-Y press packet included this nugget: “In consumer studies, 75 percent of women experienced heightened arousal, sexual pleasure and sensitivity…where it counts most. Of those women, 90 percent reported that Intense bettered their overall intimate experience with their partner.”

They also say it “creates a rush of pleasure and increased female sensitivity,” that it is “allergy tested, hormone and paraben-free” and that it has a pump dispenser for “easy, non-messy application.” Oh, and this, too: “Packaging includes a designer pouch for discreet storage.”

Suggested retail price is $24.99 for .34 fluid ounces, which K-Y says is enough for about 20 uses.

Someone try this out and let me know what you think. I’m too cheap to pay the $25!